About Unionland

Information and Symbols

The Dominion of Unionland is co-officially the Sovereign Duchy of Unionland and can be referred to as simply Unionland.

The Dominion Flag

The dominion flag serves as the standard of the Duke of Unionland, Shaun Murzello, the Duchess of Unionland, Mirabelle Wang, as well as the flag of the dominion itself.

The Regions of Unionland

Unionland consists of two constituent parts that merged. Both of these former states, Phoenix and Snakaris, were original states of the Federated States of Gapla, along with New Gaplastovia.

The leader of the Region of Phoenix is Mirabelle, Duchess of Unionland. The leader of the Region of Snakaris is Shaun, Duke of Unionland.

Region of Phoenix

Mirabelle, Duchess of Phoenix

Region of Snakaris

Leader: Shaun, Duke of Snakaris

Subdivisions of Unionland

Unionland is subdivided into cities and towns. Status of these territories may change as these change status.

Cities of Unionland

Cities of Phoenix are first-level subdivisions that have a mayor and a government.

Towns of Phoenix

Towns of Phoenix are often ceremonially claimed, small pockets of land with no permanent population. However, they do have a mayor.

The Territories of Unionland

The following section describes the territory of Phoenix.

All of Unionland's territory is currently made up of houses, except for the territory of North Danubia. North Danubia is a part of Greater Danubia (also known as the Danubian territories), Gapla's new territory between Serbia and Croatia on the Danube river.

The territory of North Danubia was granted to Unionland , but is still administered by New Gaplastovia (the national capital).

To the left is a map of the Danubian Territories. In red is North Danubia.

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